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Compose Your Own subscriptions are now on sale for the 2022 season.

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Why choose a Compose Your Own subscription?

Becoming a Compose Your Own subscriber allows you to design your very own bespoke Brandenburg experience. Enjoy the flexibility to mix and match your favourite seats and your preferred day of the week in your concert subscription.

Subscribers to the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra receive exclusive access to discounts, special offers, and priority booking to our concerts and events, as well as many other benefits with our partners and sponsors in the arts community.

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Compose Your Own subscription benefits

Mix and match
Compose Your Own subscriptions allow you to mix and match your seats and your preferred day of the week for each mainstage performance across the year.

Subscriber savings
Compose Your Own subscribers save on full price tickets as well as receive a 10% discount on additional ticket purchases.

Ultimate flexibility
Compose Your Own subscribers receive free exchanges on their subscription and additional tickets up to 48 hours in advance to the concert. You can swap dates within or between series. The ability to swap between venues for all subscription concerts will also be available in March 2022 - contact our friendly Box Office team on 1300 782 856 or to discuss![1]

Customised pricing
Unlike fixed subscriptions where you book the same seats for the entire season, in a Compose Your Own subscription you can sit in different seating reserves for each of your concerts and you only pay for the for the seats you choose.

Free digital concert programs
As a Compose Your Own subscriber you will receive a complimentary digital program with your ticket to every concert in your season package.

Access to the Premium Collection on Brandenburg One
Compose Your Own subscribers receive complimentary access to the Brandenburg One Premium Collection, valued at $185[2]. Brandenburg One is our inventive new digital platform, where you can relive all six 2022 Season concerts with on-demand viewing, plus exclusive digital performances, interviews and more!

Tailored subscriber newsletter
Compose Your Own subscribers receive exclusive content in our Keynotes e-newsletter every six weeks.

Exclusive offers from our partners
Enjoy special benefits and discounts from our sponsors and partners, as well as savings on dining and merchandise from selected venues.

How to subscribe

To book your Compose Your Own subscription, simply select three or more mainstage concerts in the 2022 Season, choose where and when you would like to attend, and click the button below. If you are having any difficulty, please call our friendly Box Office on 1300 782 856 or send us an email at

Book your Compose Your Own Subscription online

[1] Exchanges cannot be made into the non-subscription events, such as NOËL! NOËL! church concerts, Brandenburg Quartet performances. When swapping between series, subscribers can only exchange tickets to the series that is not included in their package. 
[2]Free access to the Brandenburg One Premium Collection for Season 2022 includes on-demand viewing of main stage concert productions, archival concert footage and other special digital concert series that are not available in the Public Collection.

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