Thank You To Our Donors!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our generous supporters who make our work possible.

Thank You To Donors Page
 “Thanks to the tremendous generosity of you and your fellow Brandenburg supporters, we have established nothing short of cultural excellence as Australia’s national baroque orchestra for nearly 30 years. Our dream is to continue doing exactly this – achieving excellence, inspiring audiences and sharing our music with you for many more years to come.”
Paul Dyer AO, Artistic Director and Bruce Applebaum, Managing Director


Concertmaster Chair supported by Jacqui and John Mullen
Shaun Lee-Chen

Baroque Cello Chair supported by Mrs W. G. Keighley
Jamie Hey

Theorbo/ Baroque Guitar Chair supported by The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation and friends, in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
Tommie Andersson


Dedicated to the memory of James Strong AO.
Chairman’s 11 supports the Brandenburg’s international and local guest artists.

Roxane Clayton
Louise Christie
Jan and Frank Conroy
Angus Coote
Richard Fisher AM and Diana Fisher
Richard Grellman AM
Chris and Gina Grubb
Carol Haynes and Skipp Williamson
Mrs. W. G. Keighley for Geoffrey
Grant and Jennifer King
Susan Maple-Brown
Ms Gretel Packer


The following donors have supported the establishment of the Brandenburg Opera Circle, enabling the Orchestra to expand its repertoire into the world of baroque opera, as well as nurturing young opera singers and creative teams.

Toula and Nicholas Cowell
Deborah Fox and Harald Jahrling
Justin and Anne Gardener
Irene and John Garran
Ken Groves and Yun-sik Jang
Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt
A le Marchant
Peter McGrath
Dr Agnes Sinclair
Victoria Taylor
Greg Ward
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Anonymous x 2


Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt

CHRISTINA $10,000 or above
Anthony Adair and Karen McLeod Adair
Antoinette Albert+
Aidan Allen#
John and Yvonne Almgren
Graham Bradley AM and
Charlene Bradley#
Jillian Broadbent AC
Dr Catherine Brown-Watt and Mr Derek Watt+
Louise Christie
Roxane Clayton+
Jane and David Duncan
Michael Ebeid AM and Roland Howlett
John and Jenny Fast#
Carol Haynes and Skipp Williamson#
Tom Hayward and Fiona Martin-Weber#
Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt
Mrs W G Keighley in memory of Geoffrey
The Hon Jane Mathews AO
Jacqui and John Mullen#
Alison Park in loving memory of
Richard Park
Lady Potter AC CMRI#
Dr David and Dr Gillian Ritchie
Rodwell Foundation
Rowan Ross AM and Annie Ross
Jeanne-Claude Strong in memory of
James Strong
Victoria Taylor+
Peter Weiss AO+
Sally and Geoffrey White+
Cameron Williams
Anonymous x1

RUSPOLI $5,000 - $9,999
Andrew and Melanie Baigent
Glenn Barnes
BOYCE Family Office#
Mrs Ros Bracher AM
David and Leith Bruce-Steer+
Kay Buckeridge
Wayne Burns and Kean Onn See
Elizabeth Butcher AM
Joan and Wallace Cameron
Louise Christie
Rick and Sue Coles*
Toula and Nicholas Cowell#
The Faithfull Family
John Forsyth and Ann Verschuer
Gandel Philanthropy
Justin and Anne Gardener
Ann Gordon*
Jenny and Peter Hordern
J and R MacLeod
Dr Diana Marks and Dennis Bluth
Robyn Martin-Weber
Rohan Mead
Hugh Morgan AC and Elizabeth Morgan
Rointon Nugara and Brendan Nugent
In memory of Jenny Parramore
Greg Ward+
Sheryl Weil
Jason Wenderoth
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of
James Agapitos OAM
Anonymous x2

DURAZZO $1,000 – $4,999
Janet Abernethy & Richard Willis
Paula & Alex Adamovich
Peter Almond#
J M Alroe
Brett Andersen and Brad Bowen
John and Robyn Armstrong
Ian Baker and Cheryl Saunders
Peter Barclay
Admiral Christopher Barrie AC and
Mrs Maxine Barrie
Chloe & Kelvin Barry#
Frederic Baudry and Paul Bailey
Warwick Bray#
Keith and Louise Brodie
Diana Brookes
Henry Burmester and Peter Mason
Ita Buttrose AO OBE
David and Louise Byrne
Robin Campbell
Dr Beverley and Mr Alan Castleman
Bella Church
Mr Peter Clark and Mrs Jan Clark
Rebecca and Craig Clarke
Bernard Coles QC
Emeritus Professor Martin Comte OAM
Frank and Jan Conroy
Professor Geoffrey N Cooper
Cooper Family
Dom Cottam and Kanako Imamura
Jim Cousins AO and Libby Cousins#
Tim and Bryony Cox
Dr John Dale AO and Mrs Joan Dale
Chum Darvall AM
David Davies and Paul Presa
Margaret and Chris de Guingand
Ms Emmanuelle Delannoy
Michelle Dixon#
Margaret Dobbin
Emeritus Professor Dexter Dunphy AM
Elisabeth and Grahame Elder
Ralph and Maria Evans
Rosemary Farrow
Wendy and Ron Feiner#
Brian and Philippa France
Eleanor Freeman
Rosie Freeman
David and Georgie Gall#
Carrillo and Ziyin Gantner
Sir James Gobbo
Bill and Julie Goold
Peter and Deirdre Graham
Richard and Anna Green
Carol Ann Griffin
Ken Groves and Yun-sik Jang#
Michael Halliday
Bruce and Jo Hambrett
Kate Hayward#
Sam Hayward#
Jane Hemstritch
Dr Ailsa Hocking and
Dr Bernard Williams
Carr and Ann Hordern
J L Hossack
Jill and David Hunt
Belinda Hutchinson AM*
Dr Alastair Jackson AM
Jasper Family Foundation#
Gayl Jenkins and Chris Pellegrinetti
Jim and Kim Jobson
Nuala and Ajit Kamath
The Hon Rod Kemp and Mrs Daniele Kemp#
Anna and Richard Kopinski
Nicholas Korner
A Koumoukelis Family
Mr John Lamble AO
John & Anne Lawson
A le Marchant
Greg Livingstone
Richard and Elizabeth Longes
Glenice Maclellan
Aggie Maisano
Morris and Helen Margolis
Carina Martin
Wendy E McCarthy AO
Richard and Rowena McDonald
Professor Roy and
Dr Kimberley MacLeod
Peter McGrath
J A McKernan
Joanna B Maxwell
Mora Maxwell
Elizabeth Mildwater
John Milhinch OAM
Dr David Millons AM and Mrs Barbara Millons
John Mitchell
Robert Niall and Jill Sewell
Dr Paul Nisselle AM and Mrs Sue Nisselle
Brendan O'Connell
Mrs Roslyn Packer AC
Trevor J Parkin
Remembering Tom and Jenny Parramore
Christina Pender
Professor David Penington AC
Dr John Percy
Helen Perlen
WJ and R Poate
Jim and Chris Pollitt
Joan Poulton
Kevin Powell and Alison Deans
Ted and Jean Radford
Patricia H Reid Endowment Pty Ltd
Mr Paul Rein
Alexander and Rosemary Roche
Lois Roffey
Sylvia Rosenblum
Justice Ronald Sackville AO and Mrs Pamela Sackville
John Scott
Dr Celina Seeto
Dr Gideon and Mrs Barbara Shaw
Paul Sheehan and Susan Wyndham
Mr Charlie Shuetrim AM and
Mrs Sandra Shuetrim
John and Cathy Simpson
Dr Agnes Sinclair
Robyn Smiles
Alan and Jennifer Smith
Chris and Bea Sochan
Mrs Beverley Southern#
Brendan Sowry
David Stanford#
Dr Murray and Mrs Joy Stapleton
Mark and Debra Taylor#
Mr Mike Thompson
Sue Thomson
Judith Williams
Dr David Wood and Mr Gary Fung
K A Wratten
David Zehner
Anonymous x 1

SUPPORTER I $500 - $999
Peter Allan
Philip Bacon AM
Catherine Broady
Dr Roderick Brooks and Ms Carol Shaw
Shane Buggle & Rosie Callanan
Jenny and Henry Burger
JM & MA Cameron
Professor Dianne Campbell
Kerin Carr
Marianne Cochrane
Michael Crawcour
Deborah Debnam
Anne and Jennifer Dineen
Janet Doust
Jane Edmanson OAM
Rita Erlich
Roslyn and Michael Feeney#
Mrs Kay Fell
Sarah Findlay
Helen Fleming
Peter Fletcher AM and Kate Fletcher
Peta Forster and Mark Anderson
Deborah Fox and Harald Jahrling#
Barbara and Malcolm France
Valmae Freilich
Christine George
Arthur Georgopoulos#
Norman Gillespie
Richard and Heather Gorrell
Philip and Anabel Gosse
Carole A. P. Grace
Greg and Sophie Griffith#
Sandra Haslam
Frank Hemmings
Geoff Hogbin
Simon and Katrina Holmes à Court
Michael Jones
Philippa Kearsley
Liana Kestelman#
L. Krienbuhl
Dr Micheline Lane
Paul Lindwall
Anne Loveridge & Graeme Foster
Betty Lynch
Elizabeth Mackenzie and
Michael Bremner
Janet McCredie
Ross McNair and Robin Richardson
Dr Kerry Mills and Di Pease
Alistair and Fran Minson#
Peter Miszalski
Richard and Elaine Moore#
Niq Morcos and Morgaine Williams
Susan and Frank Morgan
Mrs June Musgrove in memory of Dr Peter Musgrove
John and Susan Myatt
Andrew Naylor
Paul O’Donnell
Dr Kevin Pedemont
John Peisley and Ros Royal
John and Bridget Polanin
Julian and Jane Rait#
Peter Rush
Professor Steve and Dr Sharon Schach*
Tony Schlosser
Marysia Segan
Jeannette Sharpe
Jann Skinner
Margot Smith
Speer Family#
The Stirling Family
Dr Diane Tibbits
Mr Frank Tisher OAM and Dr Miriam Tisher
Amanda Trenaman and Steven Turner
Margot Vaughan
Ronald Walledge
Kenneth Watkins#
Alvie Webster#
Dr J and A Whaite
Dr. Anthony Williams
Richard & Lale Williamson
Joyce Yong
Anonymous x 30

SUPPORTER II $250 - $499
Kay Anderson
Jaci Armstrong
Carole Bailey
Anne Beaumont
Jean Birrell
Gordon and Barbara Black
Professor Fran Boyle AM
Prof. D. H. Bryant OAM
Axel and Alexandra Buchner
Dr S Cherian
Chris and Trudy Coote
Mr Charles P. Curran AC
Anthony Darcy
Elizabeth Douglas
Andrew Dunn
Bronwyn Evans and Peter Gordon
Janine Francis
Kaye Fraser
Judith Gibson
Keren Gould
Late H. E. Gower
Dr Stéphane Hemmerter in memory of Gérard Hemmerter
Ross Holmes
In Loving Memory of Dean Huddlestone
Nicola and Ian Jackman
Irene Kearsey and Michael Ridley
Hilary Kelman
Pamela Kenny in memory of Peter
Joshua Kim and Richard House
Julie Laforest
Anne Latreille
Vicki and Adam Liberman
Mrs Iris Luke in Memory of
Dr Clifton Luke
Neil Mackintosh and Stuart Brown
Richard Masiulanis
Peter McCall
Colin and Phillippa McLachlan
Beatrice Moignard
Julie Ann Morrison
Collin Myers AM and Marilyn Myers
Myles Neri
Rosemary and James O'Collins
E. K. Palmer
Evan Petrelis
Nella Pinkerton
Ken Ramshaw
Fiona Reynolds
Michael Roset and Christine Paull
Judith Shelley
Natalie & Tanya Stoianoff
George Szonyi
Anthony Tarleton
Caroline Thorton
Margot Vaughan
Mrs C and Mr P Vaughan-Reid
Stephanie Wainberg
Joy Wardle
Gregory W Won
Anonymous x 40

Luis Manuel Almenara
Zaid Alsaji and Dr Hannah Clarke
Philippa and John Armfield
Nicole Ashton
Tony Atkinson
Virginia Baker
Leah Batterham
Tom Bergmann
Wendy Black
Anne Brennan
Jeffrey Bridger
David & Ann Brown
Jacquie Browning
Dr Alexandra J. Bune AM
Mr Peter Burch AM BM
Gregory Burton SC
Ingrid Butters
Patricia Calabro
Tony Cardamone
Pamela Carder
Suzanne Carey and Marie Carey
Ms Ann Carrick
Dr Steven Cohn
Patricia Cozens
Aidan Daly
Peter de Waal AM
Carol des Cognets
James Devenish
Susie Dickson
Lillian Diek
Coral Dixon
Angela Egan
Susan and Daniel Feldman
Mrs Ruth Foster
Diana and John Francis
Kaye Fraser
Chris Gardiner
David Gilmour
Linden and Helen Gulson
Peter Hales
H L Hanks
Matilda Hartwell
Peter Hengstberger
Michael Hennessey
Judith and Richard Henschke
Armon Hicks and Dr Karin Sowada
B. Higgs
Joerg Hofmann
Geoff Howard
Andrew Hulse
Peter and Delia Ivanoff
Mary Jones
W Kelman
Ralf Klepper
Olivera and Sead Kovacevic
Julie Laforest
Peter & Nina Larcombe
Philip Lark
Anne Latreille
Cecily and Bernard Lavery
Hooi Tong Lee
Ms Fayette Lee-Fong
Richard Lester
Karl Lindeson
Norma Lithgow
Rachael Loneragan
Mrs Elizabeth Luke
Rosemary Mangiamele
Mr Eugen Manu
Ms Catherine J. Markus AM AE
Barbara Mayes
James McConnell
Mrs Jennifer McKendry
Mrs Joan Mitchell
Robyn Mitchinson
Katrina Molino
Stewart and Helen Hodgson
Prudence Neidorf
Diane Openshaw
Mr Richard O'Shea
Anne Owens
Simone and Henry Pakin
Mr Rohan J. Parkes
Allen Peterson
Alan and Alison Peterson
Evan Petrelis
Susan Ping Kee
Diana Prowse
Janet Roberts
Michael Roche
Dr Manoj K Saxena
Mrs Antonia Schmid
David Sheridan
Miss Sharon Sherry
Ms Helen Simmonds
Jennifer Stace
Loreto Toorak
Khai Teh
Allan and Jung-Ran Terry
Anne Thoeming
John Tamlin and Bridget McDonnell
Alex and Ria Tyrrell
Brian Wall
Mr David J. Wallace
Dr Millie Wan
Kerry Wells
Mr Kenneth N. West
Dr Brian Young
Anonymous x 7

*Donors to the Brandenburg International Baroque Study Program
#Donors to the Brandenburg Instrument Fund
+Donors to the 30th Anniversary Book

Corporate Donors

APA Group
Bain & Company
Centre for Corporate Public Affairs
Elwyn Consulting
Link Group
Pacific Equity Partners
The Lancemore Group
Toll Group

Planned Giving

The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra warmly acknowledges the bequest it has received from the Estate of Valda Astrida Siksna.

We are hugely appreciative to all those who have pledged a bequest to the Brandenburg.

R. Cook
Janet Doust
The Faithfull Family
Brian and Leonie Fisher
R J Irwin
Lilly K
Peter McGrath
Penelope Oerlemans
Joan and Lloyd Poulton
Art and Cynthia Raiche
Anonymous x 15


AMATI $250,000 – $499,999
The Eileen Marie Dyer AM Fund

STRADIVARI $100,000 – $249,999
Cary and Rob Gillespie

GUARNERI $50,000 – $99,999
Chris and Kathy Harrop
Macquarie Group Foundation
The Martin Family in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
Christine Yip and Paul Brady

MAESTRI $25,000 – $49,999
John and Robyn Armstrong
Greg Hutchinson AM and Lynda Hutchinson
Nick and Caroline Minogue
Rowan Ross AM and Annie Ross

ARCANGELI $15,000 – $24,999
Mr David Baffsky AO and Mrs Helen Baffsky
Melinda Conrad and David Jones
Glenn Moss and the late Dr Ken Moss AM
David and Rachel Zehner

CAMERATA $10,000 – $14,999
Graham Bradley AM and Charlene Bradley
The Clayton Family
Norman Gillespie
Rohan Mead

This donor list is current for a 12-month period to 18 June 2019.

To find out more, or to make a donation please get in touch with our Development team:
T: 1300 782 856

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