The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra brings to life the rare sounds of Baroque and Classical masterpieces with the gorgeous sound of instruments from the period.

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About our performances

We have a collective passion and enthusiasm to bring truly exceptional period music to audiences in Australia - take your pick, we think you will enjoy it!

About Sydney

Sydney is the spiritual home of the Brandenburg. A dynamic city full of life and energy - it's a place we never tire of performing in.

About Melbourne

We are delighted to be a part of the rich cultural fabric of Melbourne.

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February / March 2022


Be transported to the chic Paris of La Belle Époque

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Mozart's Clarinet
April / May 2022

Mozart's Clarinet

Craig Hill performs the great composer’s final concerto

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ABO The Bachs
July 2022

The Bachs

Shunske Sato meets the first family of Baroque

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The Soprano
September 2022

The Soprano

Venezuelan trailblazer Samuel Mariño hits the high notes

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Bach's Universe
October / November 2022

Bach's Universe

Enter Bach's Universe with Jonas Zschenderlein

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December 2022

Noël! Noël!

Feel the magic in the summer air!

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Past Concerts

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January 2022

Italian Baroque with Circa

Sydney Festival 2022

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Concert Series Program Archive

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