Meet the Orchestra

We are very fortunate to have the most talented baroque specialists from around Australia playing with our orchestra.

Meet the Orchestra

Learn more about the core musicians of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

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Artistic Director


Associate Concertmaster

Baroque Violin

James Armstrong

Jared Adams

Member of the Young Mentorship Program

Ella Bennetts

Aaron Brown

Rafael Font

Matthew Greco

Shane Lestideau

Catherine Shugg

Emma Williams

Timothy Willis

James Tarbotton

Baroque Viola

Deirdre Dowling

John Ma

Marianne Yeomans

Aisha Goodman

Member of the Young Mentorship Program

Baroque Cello

Anton Baba

Anthea Cottee

Dan Curro

Rosemary Quinn

Baroque Bass/Violone

Baroque Oboe

Emma Black

Kirsten Barry

Kailen Cresp

Period Clarinet

Craig Hill

Ashley Sutherland

Nicole van Bruggen

Baroque Bassoon

Jane Gower

Simone Walters

Ben Hoadley

Baroque Trumpet

Alexandera Bieri

Richard Fomison

Dominic Longhurst

Matthew Manchester

Baroque Horn

Michael Dixon

Dorée Dixon

Graham Nichols

Sackbutt/Period Trombone

Roslyn Jorgensen

Nigel Crocker

Brett Page

Keal Couper

Baroque Harp

Hannah Lane


Harpsichord/Fortepiano/ Chamber Organ

Paul Dyer

Heidi Jones

Anthony Abouhamad