Our Donors

A heartfelt thank you to our generous family of supporters.

Our Donors
Thanks to the tremendous generosity of you and your fellow Brandenburg supporters, we have established nothing short of cultural excellence as Australia’s national baroque orchestra for over 30 years. Our dream is to continue doing exactly this – achieving excellence, inspiring audiences, and sharing our music with you for many more years to come.
Paul Dyer AO Artistic Director, Bruce Applebaum Managing Director


Paul Dyer

Artistic Director
supported by Mick and Lyndall McCormack

Shaun Lee-Chen

Concertmaster Chair
supported by Jacqui and John Mullen

Ben Dollman

Principal Baroque Second Violin Chair
supported by Dr Edward Curry-Hyde & Dr Barbara Messerle

Monique O'Dea

Principal Baroque Viola Chair
supported by the Patricia H. Reid Endowment

Jamie Hey

Principal Baroque Cello Chair
supported by Mrs W. G. Keighley

Rob Nairn

Principal Baroque Bass / Violone Chair
supported by Lois Roffey

Tommie Andersson

Principal Theorbo / Baroque Guitar Chair
supported by The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation and friends, in memory of Lloyd Martin AM

Melissa Farrow

Principal Baroque Flute / Recorder Chair
supported by Robyn Martin-Weber and Victoria Taylor


Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt


Dedicated to the memory of James Strong AO
Chairman’s 11 supports the Brandenburg’s international and local guest artists

Roxane Clayton
Richard Fisher AM and Diana Fisher
Chris and Kathy Harrop
Carol Haynes and Skipp Williamson
Mrs W. G. Keighley
Karen McLeod Adair and Anthony Adair AM
Alison Park in loving memory of Richard Park
Michael and Caroline Williams
Anonymous x 1

Brandenburg Annual Giving Donors

The Allen Family
Graham Bradley AM and Charlene Bradley
Jillian Broadbent AC
Kay Buckeridge
Dr H Edward Curry-Hyde and Dr Barbara Messerle
Jane and David Duncan
Ann Gordon
Chris and Gina Grubb
Chris and Kathy Harrop
John and Sharon Hawkins
Carol Haynes and Skipp Williamson^
Jane Hemstritch
Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt
Belinda Hutchinson AC and Roger Massy-Greene AM
Mrs W G Keighley in memory of Geoffrey
Grant and Jennifer King
Greg Livingstone
Karen McLeod Adair and Anthony Adair
Nick and Caroline Minogue
Jacqui and John Mullen
Mrs Roslyn Packer AC
John and Joanne Pickhaver
Lady Potter AC CMRI
David and Gillian Ritchie
Ian Rodwell AO and Sue Rodwell
Lois Roffey
Jeanne-Claude Strong in memory of James Strong
Sally and Geoffrey White+
Cameron Williams
Anonymous x 2

Antoinette Albert
Mrs Ros Bracher AM
Prof Warwick and Dorothy Bruce Foundation
David and Leith Bruce-Steer+
Wayne Burns and Kean Onn See
Elizabeth Butcher AM
Rick and Sue Coles
Bernard Coles KC and Margaret Coles
Susie Dickson
Jennifer Dowling
The Faithfull Family
William Fox
Carrillo Gantner
Ann Gordon
Charles Grant
Richard and Anna Green
The Key Foundation
Kathryn Greiner AO
D and I Kallinikos
Liana Kestelman
Katie Lahey AM and Robert Marriott
Vicki and Adam Liberman
John and Rosemary MacLeod
Dr Paul Nisselle AM and Mrs Sue Nisselle^
Rointon Nugara and Brendan Nugent
Felicity O'Brien
Mary Padbury
In memory of Jenny Parramore
Yashian Schauble
Penelope Seidler AM
Dr Agnes Sinclair
Brendan Sowry
The Stirling Family^
Dr Jason Wenderoth
David and Xenia Williamson
K A Wratten
Yim Family Foundation
Anonymous x 3

Colin and Richard Adams
Julieanne Alroe
John and Philippa Armfield
John and Robyn Armstrong
Ian Baker and Cheryl Saunders
L Bandler
Glenn Barnes
Admiral Christopher Barrie AC and Mrs Maxine Barrie
Frederic Baudry and Paul Bailey
Jean Birrell
Julia Bovard
Prof Fran Boyle AM
Catherine Broady
Dr Roderick Brooks and Ms Carol Shaw
Shane Buggle and Rosie Callanan
Neil and Jane Burley
Henry Burmester and Peter Mason
David and Louise Byrne
Prof Dianne Campbell
Tony Cardamone
Gerry Chia
Peter and Jan Clark
Mr Sandy Clark AO and Ms Marie McDonald
Emeritus Professor Martin Comte OAM
Frank and Jan Conroy
Guy and Jeanette Cooper
Jim Cousins AO and Libby Cousins AM
Toula and Nicholas Cowell^
Rosalind Croucher
Joan Dale and John Dale AO
David Davies and Paul Presa
Carol des Cognets
Margaret Dobbin
Catherine and William Dollman
Jennifer Dowling
Emeritus Professor Dexter Dunphy AM
Richard and Fiona East
Jane Edmanson OAM
Rita Erlich
Wendy and Ron Feiner
Kay Fell
Shoshana Finberg
G W Fisher and H L Bird
Nancy Fox AM and Bruce Arnold
Brian and Philippa France
The Hon Ben Franklin MLC
Eleanor Freeman
Valmae Freilich
R J Furley
Gabriella Furtenbach
Dr Flora Galoustian
Carrillo and Ziyin Gantner
Anne and Justin Gardener
Christine George
Cary and Rob Gillespie
Lady Shirley Gobbo
Bill and Julie Goold
Richard and Heather Gorrell
Ken Groves and Yun-sik Jang
Philip Haigh
Michael and Helen Hallett
Alison Harrop
Victoria Hartstein
Jill Hawker
Barbara Lamont and Edi Heide
Susan Hilliard
Ailsa Hocking and Bernard Williams
Ian and Suzanne Holden
Peter and Jenny Hordern
Mrs Georgina M Horton
Joan Hossack
Jim and Kim Jobson
Emma Johnson
Irene Kearsey and M J Ridley
Helen Keir
Koumoukelis Family
Lilly Krienbuhl
Ann Lahore
Tania Lamble, in loving memory of John Lamble AO
Paul Lindwall and Joanne Frederiksen
Mark and Sophie Luff
Prof Roy MacLeod and Dr Kimberley Webber
Aggie Maisano
Roxanne and David Mann
Tom Manning
Harold and Ellen Marshbaum
Robyn Martin-Weber
Joanna B Maxwell
Janet McDonald
Peter McGrath
Judith McKernan
Colin and Phillippa McLachlan
Don McMonigle
Robin Richardson and Ross McNair
Sandra and Kent McPhee
Rohan Mead
Elizabeth Mildwater
Elizabeth Mildwater and Stuart Schaefer
J R Milhinch OAM
Heidi Mitchell
John Mitchell
Susann Mitchell
Ray Montague
Hugh Morgan AC and Elizabeth Morgan^
Andrew Naylor
Robert Niall and Dr Jill Sewell AM
Barry and Rosemary O’Farrell
Rosemary O'Collins
Anne Palme
Rosemary Palmer
Remembering Tom and Jenny Parramore
Dr Kevin Pedemont
David Penington and Sonay Hussein
Jim and Chris Pollitt
Dr Patricia Jungfer and Mr Robert Postema
Joan Poulton
Marian Purvis
Sarah Rey
Alexander and Rosemary Roche
Beverley Roden in memory of Richard Thew
Peter Rush
The Hon Ronald Sackville AO KC and Mrs Pamela Sackville
Alison Savage
Tony Schlosser
Jacqueline Schwarz
John Scott
Roger Sebel
Dr Gideon and Mrs Barbara Shaw
Dr John and Mrs Sue Sherman
Cathy and John Simpson
Jann Skinner
Margot Smith
Chris and Bea Sochan
Mrs Beverley Southern#
Allegra Spender
Dougall and Elizabeth Squair
Dr Murray and Mrs Joy Stapleton
John Star
Fiona Steffensen
Linda Stern
Elizabeth Stewart
Derek Taylor and Mark Wheeler
Mark and Debra Taylor
Rob Thomas and Sam Meers AO
Sue Thomson
David Throsby AO and Robin Hughes AO
Alenka Tindale
Daniela Torsh
Dr J and Mr D Turner
Richard and Lynne Umbers
Carolyn Unwin
Janice White
Judith Williams
Dr Anthony Williams
Michael and Caroline Williams
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Dr David Wood and Mr Gary Fung
Erica Woods
Anonymous x 32

Robert and Christine Abraham
Gill Appleton
Andrew and Melanie Baigent
Jock Baird in memoriam Annette McClure
Lorraine and Malcolm Baxter
Anne Brennan
Keith and Louise Brodie
The Browning Family
Axel and Alexandra Buchner
Jenny and Henry Burger
Jan Burnswoods
Hans and Dorothy Carlborg
Kerin Carr
Myles R Coolican
Dom Cottam and Kanako Imamura
Robert and Lynne Cottee
Michael Crawcour
Marie Dalziel
Prudence and Peter Davenport
Susanne de Ferranti
Deborah Debnam
Anne and Jennifer Dineen
Janet Doust
Kerri Eager
Lynne Edwards
Elisabeth and Grahame Elder
Bronwyn Evans
Susan and Daniel Feldman
John Firth
Peter Fletcher AM and Kate Fletcher
Marguerite Foxon
Malcolm and Barbara France
Rosie Freeman
Lynden Gallagher
Philip and Anabel Gosse
Pauline Griffin
Alan Hauserman and Janet Nash
Dr Hendrik Heijnis
Jill Henry
Armon Hicks and Dr Karin Sowada
Penelope Hughes
Mark and Natalie Jago
Margot Johnson
Pamela Kenny in memory of Peter
Daniel Kirkham
Dr Jerry Koliha and Ms Marlene Krelle
Nicholas Korner
Thomas Kudelka
Nicole Lacy
Dr Micheline Lane
Rodd Levy
Anne Loveridge and Graeme Foster
Julian Ludowici
Rae Macpherson
In memory of Wes Maley
Richard Masiulanis
Ian and Pam McGaw
I Merrick
Dr David Millons AM and Mrs Barbara Millons
Peter Miszalski
Anna Mitchell
The Hon Susan Morgan and Dr Frank Morgan
Paul Muller
Anne Murphy Cruise
R E Nelson
Phillip and Christine Page
Megan Park
Christina Pender
Pip Rath
Wayne Redman
M Kaye Remington
Evan Petrelis
Greg Robertson
Carole Roussel
Jane Russell
Paul Schneider
Mrs J D Sharpe
Dr Robert and Mrs Paula Sheen
Christine Smyth
In memory of Elizabeth Mury
John and Jeneanne te Wechel
Jane Trousdale
J and J Turecek
Gerard Vaughan and Alexandra Vaughan
Carolyn Ward
Chris and Ros White
Julie Whitfield
AS and TA Wilson
Gregory W Won
Gregory Wood
Paul Zahra and Duncan Peerman
Anonymous x 30

Vanessa and Jim Andean
Arie Baelde
Margaret Baron
Max Benyon OAM
Tom and Larissa Bergmann
William Blackledge
Graham Bone
Helen Brennan
Susan Bryant
Alex Bune and John Chalmers
J and M Cameron
Margaret Cantrell
Blanche Cassen
S Cherian
Andrew and Lisa Cole
Marion Collom
Prof Geoffrey N Cooper
John and Julia Cordukes
Esther Cossman
Keith and Elizabeth Cottier
Charles Curran AC
Geoffrey Davey
Erin Devery and David McKenzie
Peter Downes
Dr Roland Ebringer
Josie Fisher
Elizabeth and Mark Garwood
J C Gibson
The Late H E Gower
Charles Hammersla
Karl Hartleb
Matilda Hartwell
Gillian R Henderson
Dorothy Hoddinott AO
Stewart and Helen Hodgson
Gerard and Helen Hooper
Ruth Jeremy
David Jones
Phillip Kidd and Bettina Voss
Marcelle King
Dr Micheline Lane
Diana and John Lawrenson
Patricia Leckie
Hooi Tong Lee
Pamela and Graham MacDonald
Neil Mackintosh
Rosemary Mangiamele
Alexandra Martin
Magdalena Mauchle
Dr Janet McCredie
Fiona McDonald
Jean Miller
Chris Mullen
Olga L Munoz
John and Susan Myatt
Tim Oakley
Colin Prebble
Marie-Claire Price
Diana Prowse
Kerryn Pryde
Damien Quick
Ken Ramshaw
Michele Reid
John and Joan Rodgers
Penny Roelofsen
Diane and Edward Sandrejko
Lesley Schroder
Norbert and Sonja Schweizer
David Shields
Mark Skurnik
Godfrey F Smith
Janet Smith
Kaya and Zack Somasundaram
John Southgate
Michael Stokes
Anthony Tarleton
Michael Thompson
Mr Frank Tisher OAM and Dr Miriam Tisher
Vivien Twyford
Colin and Heather Waldron
Catherine Webb
Peter White
Sanna and Peter Wilson
Agnes Wong
Christine Wong
Dr Tammy Wu
Anonymous x 76

Maris Abolins
Helen Adamson
Mary Ainley
Meghan Aldred
Carolyn Alexander
Judy Alford
Mark Ames
Gwyneth Anderton
Jenny Appleton
Yazni Sonia Ariff
Annette Armstrong
Dr Michael Armstrong
Garry Armsworth
Paul Atkinson
Lydia Aynbund
Elvala Ayton
Sue Baker
Lesley Barclay
Jenny Barnes
Kenneth Barnes
Barbara Barraclough AM
Gillian Barton
John Bates
Nicola Beard
Elisabeth Beech
Keith Beecher
Alison Bell
Alison Belot
Renate Bels
Galina Belt
Sara Bennett
Elizabeth Bennetto
Ken Bergin
Stephanie Binsted
Ian Bird
Margaret Black
Rhonda Black
Maree Blake
Sara Blazey
Stephen Bloomfield
Catherine Bloor
Julia Blunden
Suzanne Blythin
Eugenia Borgese
Megan and Robert Bosshard
Trevor Bourne
Tim Boyce
Audrey Bradshaw
Alan and Janet Brady
Beverley Bramley
Diane Brebner
Helen Brian
Fay Briggs
Lyn Broadstock
Elizabeth Brookes
David and Ann Brown
Noelene Brown
Judith Bruce
Prof David Bryant
Carolyn Buchanan
Gwen Buckeridge
Prof Ken Buckle
Robert Buckmaster
Barbara Burge
Anne Burgi
Angela Burlizzi
Leigh Busby
Sister Kathleen Butler
Ingrid Butters
David Caddy
Xiaoxiao Cai
Patricia Calabro
Elise Callander
Fran Callinan
Jacqueline M Calvet-Leques
Elizabeth Cameron
Elizabeth Campbell
David Capponi
Dr Sylvia Cardale
Gwynneth Carlisle
M Carr
Rod Carr
Ian and Val Cartwright
Anne Cary
David Casey
Breda Cash
Melissa Catt
Sue Cawthorn
Kaye Charlton
Mary Chiarella
Helen Christophidis
Susan L Clarke
Dr Julian Collins
Marie and Phillip Collins
Neil and Helen Colquhoun
Heather Conroy
Ann Cook
Melissa Cooke
Greg Cooper
Robyn Cooper
Geoffrey Copp
John and Julia Cordukes
Jane Court
Carolyn Cousins
Christine Mary Creaser
Ian and Catherine Creevey
Dr David Crocker
Dr and Mrs E Crocker
Robert Crowhurst
Winonah Cunningham
Phillip Dalton
Timothy Daly
Prof Louise D'Arcens
Anthony Darcy
Alice Darlow
Patricia Darton
Sid and Elaine Davidoff
Beverley Davis, OAM JP
Joan Dawson
Sarah and Peter Dawson
Lynne de Haas
Richard de Lautour
Catherine DeMayo
Adrian Deschepper
Cinzia Di Renzo
Brian Diamond and Kay Ansell
Dr Anthony Dickinson
Aniko and Frank Dobosi
G Donovan
Elizabeth Douglas
Jill Douglas
Ann Drummond
Christine Ducker
Rick Duke
Claire Dukes
Dr Kate Duncan
Michael and Roslyn Dunn
Eileen Edwardes
Jill Ellen
Debra Ely-Davis
Lauren Esdaile
Warwick Evans
Joseph J Favetta
Helen Fearnley
Kay Fell
Teresa Fels
Dr John Ferguson
Sarah Findlay
Kate Finsterer
Beverley Firth
Megan Flynn
Lynette Foldes
Denise Foot
Lois Fortescue
Jan Frampton
E and I Fraser
Mary Freeman
Maya Friberg
Peter and Elizabeth Friend
Jim Fryer
Diane Gabb
Dina Galea
Simon Gardiner
Jill Gardner
Marianne Gardner
Jill Garland
Gary Garner
Christine Gartelmann
Marliesje Garth
Matthew Garvan
Prof Stephen Gatt
Andrew Gault
Pamela Gaylard
Fiona Gayler
Liz Gaynor
Eva Gerber
Elizabeth Gherardin
Tom Gibian
Judith L Gibson
Robert Gilchrist
Jane Gilmour
Isabel Glasson
Kirsten Glenwright
Adrienne Jane Gorme
Jennifer Graham
Suzanne Gray
Jason Grech
Debra Green
Susan Green
Sandra Greville
Trish Groom
Clare Guo
Lila and Andrzej Gurba
Gerry Haines
Keith Haines
Stephen Halgren
Gill and Mac Halliday
Gael Hammer
Nancy C Hancock
Peter Hannah
Peter Hannebery
Judith Ann Harbour
Judith Hardaker
Robbie Harmsworth
Margaret R Harries
Sandra Haslam
Jennifer Hawke
Joanne Hawkins
R and Y Hazell
Lisa Heather
Mavis Hedrik
Anne Heinrich
Laura Henschke
Connor Addis Hickey
John Winton Higgins BA
Dr Robin Hill
Heather J Hindle
Ute Hoffmann
Carr and Ann Hordern
Kay Hotschilt
Judith Hoy
Dr Manuela Hrasky
Maulyn Hsu
Mary Hughes
Alexandra Hunter
Belinda Hutchinson AC and Roger Massy-Greene AM
Susan Ingram
Margaret Irving
RJ Irwin
Peter and Delia Ivanoff
Kathy Jackson
Janet and Dan Jakubowicz
Cathy Jamieson
Tatjana Janjevski
Jenny Jeffery
Beverley Johnson
David Johnson
Reginald Johnston
Barry Jones and Rachel Faggetter
John and Merle Jones
James Judd
Yolande Jury
Eileen Kalucy
Ansis Kapsis
Barbara Karet
Matthew Kearney
Pamela Kenny in memory of Peter
Amanda King
Janice King
John King
Alla Kislova
Trevor Knight
Elizabeth Knights
Zenon Kochman
Marianne Kristensen
Adhi Kurniahu
Laurel Lacroix
Julie Laforest
Demi Lagos
Roslyn Laird
Anne Lampe
Robert Landsberry
Alan Lane and Virginia King
Gary Lane
Ric Laney
Erica Larsen
Geoff Lavender
Cecily and Bernard Lavery
Colin Lawrence
Alice Lawrie
Edward and Elisabeth Laybutt
Tanya Leach
John Leaney
Gregory Lee
M A and P E Lee
Glenn Leembruggen
Bobbi Lehman-Horn
Madeleine Lenzner
Renee Leon
Kate Lidbetter
Karl Lindeson
Dr Barbara Lowes
Mrs Iris Luke in Memory of Dr Clifton Luke
Colin and Sarah Macdonald
Maxine Maclachlan
Romaine Macpherson
Louise Madelaine
Sita Maharaj
Brian and Margaret Mahony
Ray Manchester
Alice Mantel
Eugen Manu
Merilyn Marel
Di Margetts
Dr Diana Marks and Dennis Bluth
Nic Marotta
Julie Marriott
Erica Marshall-McClelland
Christina Martin
Gabriella Marton
Masters family, in memory of Max Riebl
Allan and Noelle Mawdsley
Roly and Gabby Maxwell
Cheryl Mayes
Jim and Michael McAlary
Andrea McCall
Prof Grant McCall
Anne McCallum
Anne McCrimmon
Janet McDonald AO and Donald McDonald AC
Judith McDonald
Mark F McDonald
Peter McDonald
Ann McFarling
Noel McGarry
Patricia McKeag
Jennifer McKendry
Doug McKenzie
Shirley McKenzie
Terri McKenzie
Mrs Patricia and Dr Allan McLay
Judith L McMaugh
Fiona McMillan
Marie McMillan
Jeanne McMullin
Kathleen Meadmore
Dr Daniel Mealey
Kathleen Meekings
Donia Melnyk
Graeme Mendelsohn
Russ and Mandy Miller
Susan Miller-Randle
Ian Milne
Neville Milson
Dorothy Mitchell
John and Lesley Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell-Taverner
Robyn Mitchinson
Beatrice Moignard
Anne Moon
Christopher Moor
Lucy Moore
Melissa Moore and Michelle Rangott
Judy Morse-Cook
Rhonda Morton
Klaus Mueller
Christopher Muir
Ruth Muir
Robynne Mullard
Clare Munnelly
Dr Kathleen Murphy
Jan Marie Muscio
Ruth Mushin
Nanette and Friends
Prof Nilo De Oliveira Nascimento
Diana Neale
Jennifer Neary AM
Gail Neeson
Prue Neidorf
William Ness
Jenny Newcombe
Anthony Newman
Barbara Newman
June Ng
Margaret Nichols
Robyn Nicol
Neil Nivison-Smith
Charles Nixon
Rosemary Nixon
Patricia Nolan
Marina Norio
Margaret and Ian Nowak
David O'Callaghan
Marcia Ruth O'Donnell
Dr Siobhan O'Neill
Rosemary O'Connor
Patricia O'Keeffe
Jacqueline Oldham
Annette Olle
Julienne O'Mara
Maxine O'Neill
Jennifer Owen
Frank Page
Simone and Henry Pakin
David and Philippa Palmer
E K Palmer
Alison Park in fondest memory of Richard Park
Dayna Parker
Rosemary Payne
Kris Peach
A Pearce
Nadia Pegolo
Adam Pendergast
Alan and Alison Peterson
C Pettiford
Wendy Pettit
Jennie Pfeiffer
Matthew Phelan
Barbara Pickett
Margaret Pinchback
Dr Janice Pinder
Tina Pinkard
Ray Plibersek
Christiana and Adrian Plitzco
Rachel Plumbe
Bruce Pollock
Kerry Press
Alastair Price
Lyn Priest
Ian Prosser
Dr Marija Radojevic
Michelle Rangott
Suzanne Rea
Stuart Read
Les Renfrey
John Rhodes
Anita and Ian Richter
Ali Ritchie
Dr Mary Roberts
Barbara Robertson
Prof Colin Robertson
Dr Maurice Robson
Fred Roche
Ruth Isabel Rock
Stevie Rooney
Dodi Rose
Eileen Ross
Pamela Rothfield
Clayton Rowland
Neil Roy
Regina Rozanski
Marguerite Rummery
Pamela Ryan
Rosemary Sainsbury
Barry Sanders
Naomi Saporta
Chris Sasse
Patrice Scales
Dr Olga Scaramuzzi
Evie Scarf
Greg Scarf
Michelle Fincke
Margaret Schoonbeek
Jennifer Schroeder
Jenni Schulz
Carolyn Scott
Judith Scurfield
Giselle Sharp
Judith Shelley
Janne Shephard
Dr Vicki Shephard
Leonie Shepherd
David Sheridan
Sharon Sherry
Anne Shrewsbury-Randall
John Sieveking
David Simkin
David and Lorelle Skewes
Judith M Skinner
Philip Slade
Jacob Smit
Dr Margaret Smith
Merran Smith
Richard Smith
Jonathan Smithers
Michael Snell
Michael Soon
Janet Sorby
Paul Sowerby
William Spence
Daan Spijer
Patricia Spinks
Deborah Stahle
David Stanton and Rufina Ismail
Elizabeth Staraj
Elizabeth Starr
Geoffrey Newell Steele
Jane Stevenson
Wendy Stewart
Phiona Stone
Annie Straiton
Dr Charles Su
Grace Su
R W Sudweeks
Bronwyn Sweeney
Elena Syrkina
Bob Tait
Andre Tammes
Keith Tan
Stephanie Tan
Linda Taylor
Mary-Lynne Taylor
Michael Taylor
Clarissa Tedder
Robyn Tennant
Lyn Terrey
Anne Thoeming
Graham Thom
Anne E Thomas
Dr David Anthony Thomas
Denise and Chris Thomas
Gemma Thomas
June Thomas
Prof Paul Thomas
Jocelyn Thompson
Helen Thomson
Lynne Ticehurst
Gail Tierney
Greig Tillotson
Phillip and Anne Titterton
Mely Tjandra
Chris Tolhurst
Kerry Tongue
Sandra Torpey
Dr Robin Torrence
Allan Townsend
Graham and Jennifer Trowse
Laurel Tsang
Patrick Tseng
Eleanor Tuffley
Catherine Turner
Dr Gillian Turner
Greg Turner
Lauren Turner
June Tyzack
Dr Gabriella Unsen
Anne Vans-Colina
Elizabeth Vanselow
P D and C M Vaughan-Reid
Deon Venter and Jane Armes
Dr Krishni Vettivelu
Marion Villani
Crina Virgona and Barry Dyson
Christine Viscogliosi
Forest Waddell
Maxine Wain
Peter Wainberg
Linda Wake
Brian Wall
Gabrielle Walsh
John Wane
John Wansbrough
Rebecca Warren
Dr Lynsey Watson
Lisa Webb
Sandra and John Webb
Kerry Wells
Jenny White
Yanina White
Eve Whitehead
Patricia Willard
Clive Williams
Sue Wills
Tiffany Wills
Dr Elizabeth Willsteed
Erika Wils
Louise Goggin
Kim Woo
Brian Wood
Margot Woods
Richard Woods
Brian Woodward
Suzanne Woolley
Pamela Wright
Diana Yallop
Dr John Yates
Janet Young
Matthew Young and Jennifer Cinque
Ellen Yule
Iren Zhukhovitskaya
Ann and Gabby Zipser
Boris Zolotarev
Felicity Zwalf
Anonymous x 368


STRADIVARI $100,000 – $249,999

Cary and Rob Gillespie
Chris and Kathy Harrop
Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Anonymous x 1

GUARNERI $50,000 – $99,999
Macquarie Group Foundation
The Martin Family in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
Rowan Ross AM and Annie Ross
Anonymous x 1

MAESTRI $25,000 – $49,999
John and Robyn Armstrong
Greg Hutchinson AM and Lynda Hutchinson
Nick and Caroline Minogue
David and Rachel Zehner

ARCANGELI $15,000 – $24,999
Mr David Baffsky AO and Mrs Helen Baffsky
Melinda Conrad and David Jones
Mick and Lyndall McCormack
Glenn Moss and the late Dr Ken Moss AM

CAMERATA $10,000 – $14,999
Graham Bradley AM and Charlene Bradley
The Clayton Family
Norman Gillespie
Rohan Mead
Mark Pistilli
Louise Watson



The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra warmly acknowledges the bequest it has received from the Estate of Valda Astrida Siksna and the Estate of Felicity Jane Marceau.


We are hugely appreciative to all those who have pledged a bequest to the Brandenburg.

Colin and Richard Adams
Catherine Barralet
M. Carr
Catherine Condell
R. Cook
Professor Geoffrey N Cooper
Janet Doust
The Faithfull Family
Brian and Leonie Fisher
J Hubbard and B Cowie
R J Irwin
Lilly K
Peter McGrath
Penelope Oerlemans
Mrs Ruth Spence-Stone & Mr Peter Stone
Art and Cynthia Raiche
Alexander Roche
Mrs Ruth Spence-Stone
Elizabeth Starr
Ron and Shayne Tanner
Mark and Debra Taylor
Anne E. Thomas
Jennifer Wells
Janice White
Anonymous x 17


The following donors have supported the establishment of the Brandenburg Opera Circle, enabling the Orchestra to expand its repertoire into the world of baroque opera, as well as nurturing young opera singers and creative teams.

Toula and Nicholas Cowell
Wendy and Ron Feiner
Deborah Fox and Harald Jahrling
Justin and Anne Gardener
Irene and John Garran
Ken Groves and Yun-sik Jang
Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt
A le Marchant
Peter McGrath
Dr Agnes Sinclair
Victoria Taylor
Greg Ward
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Anonymous x 2


APA Group
Bain & Company
Bain International
BDO Auditors
Centre for Corporate Public Affairs
Elwyn Consulting
Gilbert + Tobin
Investa Property Group
IVE Group
Link Group
Macquarie Group
Pacific Equity Partners
Philip Bacon Galleries
The Lancemore Group
Toll Group

#Donors to the Brandenburg Instrument Fund
+Donors to the 30th Anniversary Book
^Donors to the New Works Circle
This donor list is current for a 12-month period to 25 January 2023.

If the Brandenburg has enriched your life or if you would like to deepen your involvement with us, we would be thrilled to welcome you into our valued family of supporters.

If you are interested in hearing more about our Annual Giving or Major Giving programs, or Bequests, our Development Team would be delighted to speak with you.

Joshua Kim – Head of Development
Eliza Scobie – Philanthropy Manager

1800 782 856


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